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Aircraft Maintenance Insurance

Aircraft Maintenance Insurance
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Just like commercial and private aircraft, the maintenance facilities of these aircrafts also require insurance to mitigate risk. Aircraft maintenance facilities, and the maintenance professionals who work at them, open themselves up to a wide range of risks and exposures.

Potential liabilities include premises liability, hangar keepers liability, and products and completed operations liability. In essence, one tiny mistake or oversight by an aircraft maintenance mechanic can lead to a major lawsuit. Thankfully, ALIGNED has several aviation insurance policies to protect your facility and its mechanics.

Protect Your Professional Aviation Facility and Staff with Aircraft Maintenance Insurance

Aircraft Maintenance Insurance
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In helping you create the perfect aircraft maintenance policy, our team of specialized aviation insurance brokers will assess factors such as the volume of business, the types of aircraft maintained, and the type of maintenance performed. Our customized aircraft maintenance insurance features different coverage options for you to choose from, including the following:

  • Non-owned aircraft liability 
  • Workers’ compensation coverage 
  • Premises liability 
  • Hangar keepers liability
  • Products and completed operations coverage 

Additional Coverages Recommended for Aircraft Maintenance Facilities

These additional coverages are also recommended for aircraft maintenance facilities:

Aircraft (Liability, Hull & Cargo) Insurance

For corporate or commercial aircraft, our Aircraft (Liability, Hull & Cargo) Insurance policy encompasses aircraft hull insurance (covering physical damage to the aircraft when it’s not in flight, not in motion, on the ground, and in flight), aircraft liability insurance (should any liabilities arise from the operation of the aircraft), and aircraft cargo insurance (if issues arise relating to the cargo being transported by the aircraft). 

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You Can’t Make A Better Decision Than to ALIGN Yourself With Aviation Insurance Specialists 

We offer a wide range of aviation insurance policies, including aircraft maintenance insurance. When you choose to become insured by ALIGNED, our expert brokers will work with you around the clock to create a policy that suits your specific coverage needs. 

Ultimately, ALIGNED will save you time, money, and the headaches of shopping around for an aircraft maintenance insurance policy that fits your budget and provides comprehensive coverage. 

Contact an ALIGNED broker today for more information or to receive a complimentary quote on aircraft maintenance insurance. Get started now by taking advantage of our free online tool.

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