How To Get Cannabis Retailer Business Insurance Alberta

How To Get Cannabis Retailer Business Insurance Alberta - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Opening a cannabis retail store in Alberta? We make it simple to align your cannabis retailer insurance 500 and counting. This the number of cannabis retail stores that Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) agency recently approved for the province. According to, “More than 500 cannabis stores have been given the green light in […]

Choosing the Best Healthcare Business Insurance For You

Healthcare Business

Healthcare Business Insurance is Made Specifically for Healthcare Professionals Including: Providing healthcare services is a calling, not a profession. It can be gruelling, sometimes thankless work that’s fraught with risk to the safety of admin staff, practitioners and their families. It requires professionals to diligently upgrade knowledge, skills, practices and equipment while being flexible enough […]

How You Can Manage Risk with Manufacturing Industry Insurance

Manufacturing Industry

You’re constantly on the lookout for leading-edge tools, materials, processes, technologies and supply chains. As a manufacturer, you need to design and build your innovative products faster and cheaper to compete with companies from around the world. Or you manufacture building materials, signs and graphic prints, or farm and food products and face the same […]

How Liability Insurance Effectively Covers Engineering Consultants

Engeneering Consultants

Engineering Consultants Engineering consultants come in all disciplines and industries. They also come in all job titles and from various sized firms. What they have in common, besides being highly skilled, trained professionals, is that they are team players that work with other professionals from several fields to ensure that their designs are executed to […]

E-news | Ways to manage COVID-19 risks in your workplace

E-news | Ways to manage COVID-19 risks in your workplace

ALIGNMENT Matters | insurance insights & news Call us toll-free at 1-866-287-0448 COVID-19 risk management| protecting your workplace COVID-19 risk management. In the last issue of ALIGNMENT Matters we talked about how businesses are shifting gears and reopening during the pandemic. We also mentioned that provincial governments are setting out new guidelines to help businesses create safe work environments […]

Landlord Insurance Ontario and Why You Need It

Landlord Insurance Ontario

Did You Know that Having a Friend Live with You Could Void Your Home Insurance Policy? Landlords Come in all Types of Tenancies What’s Covered by Landlord Insurance in Ontario Different insurance rental policy options can be included in Landlord Insurance coverage including: Liability protection in case someone is injured on your rental property or […]

Employment Practices Liability During COVID-19 In Canada

Employment Practices Liability During COVID-19 in Canada - ALIGNED Insurance brokers

Liability 101 | Understanding Employment Practices Liability during COVID-19 The statistics are in. And they are grim. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape the world we live and work in. Meanwhile across Canada, an estimated 40% of the workforce is experiencing anywhere from 1% to 100% layoffs due to COVID-19.1 That is to say… “On […]

How To Protect Your Business From Fraud In Canada

How To Protect Your Business From Fraud In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Fraud happens. Know how to protect your business from crime Hook, line and sinker. It’s hard to believe that phishing scams started a quarter century ago. That is to say, in 1995 online scams were just emerging. However, by the mid-2000’s, the term ‘phishing’ – and it’s costly impact on businesses – became widely known. […]

Workplace Risk Management During COVID-19 In Canada

Workplace risk management during COVID-19 in Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Risk Management 101 | Workplace risks during COVID-19 in Canada Time is of the essence. Overwhelmed by adapting to new and evolving workplace safety protocols, government guidelines as well as health regulations? You are not alone. COVID-19 is reshaping how we live our lives and operate our workplaces. As a result, Canadian business owners and […]

Virtual Care / E-Health Clinic Insurance | ALIGNED Insurance

How Do I Insure A Virtual Care or E-Health Clinic In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Remote. Online. Distanced. Here’s how to insure your virtual care or e-health clinic Telemedicine is trending. Months into the COVID-19 pandemic are feeling like years. As a result, people are changing how they live their lives as well as manage their health. Telemedicine aka virtual care aka e-health delivery has quickly emerged as a vitally […]

Liability Insurance for Events | ALIGNED Insurance

Festivals Insurance

Hosting an Event? Don’t Take Chances It’s probably easy to understand that as a host, you are responsible for the safety of your guests and the space you’re using and an event insurance policy will help you. What may not be widely known is that you are also responsible for your guests’ actions once they […]

Airbnb Insurance – Why You Need It As A Host

air bnb insurance

Airbnb Host Insurance Hosting on Airbnb? Are You and Your Home Protected? If you’re one of those Canadians hosting on Airbnb, you have probably looked into getting insurance with Airbnb for your space or, at the very least, are aware of the home insurance coverage you’re already getting from Airbnb. Protecting your residence from damage […]

Media Professional Liability Insurance – Why You Need It

Media Professional Insurance

What is Media Professional Liability Insurance? Generally, Media Professional Liability Insurance is one of the options available in a package policy with a Commercial General Liability Insurance policy that is specifically designed for independent media professionals and media organizations. While CGL Insurance is a necessity for every business to give them the proper coverage to […]

What To Know About Managing COVID-19 Business Risks In Canada

What To Know About Managing COVID-19 Business Risks In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

In the know | Managing COVID-19 business risks in Canada Moving target. This is precisely how many business owners are feeling about managing COVID-19 business risks in Canada right now. That is to say, as we all review evolving governmental guidance regarding workplace safety and risk management, we know today’s guidelines may well change tomorrow. […]

Insurance Companies In Canada | Google Reviews of ALIGNED

Insurance Companies In Canada - Google Reviews Of ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Thank you! Above all, your Google reviews keep inspiring us… Reviews matter. In other words, we know that we’re on track when we hear from our clients. Firstly, a review is a tangible example that we’re delivering precisely the support, service and expertise that our clients need from us. Secondly, a five star Google review […]