Ransom & Kidnapping Insurance

Ransom & Kidnapping Insurance

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance | Hoping For The Best

A kidnapping abroad is a terrifying concept. What if you don’t have access to the kind of money they expected to get from you? What happens when no one knows how to help? Kidnap and ransom insurance is specifically designed to cover the extreme physical and financial risks of a kidnapping and ransom situation.

How Does Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Work?

The extreme physical and financial risks of kidnapping and ransom led to the creation of kidnap and ransom insurance. In recent years, kidnappings and ransoms have increased all across the world as more people turn to extreme methods of getting money.

Kidnap and ransom insurance can pay for expert advisors to assist with negotiations and even extraction and reimburses the victim for the payment he or she made. Kidnap and ransom can also cover recovery related expenses such as time off, temporary work replacements, psychiatric therapy and loss due to injury. One of the world’s leading kidnap and ransom insurance providers is AIG.

Regardless of whether or not a person has a kidnap and ransom policy, he or she must know how to act if kidnapped and held for ransom. A best practice is training workers how to avoid danger in the first place. Educating travelling employees on risks and foreign practices is essential to every aspect of their safety abroad.

Unfortunately, a kidnapping can happen anywhere around the world and at any time. Kidnappers are usually professional groups, know what they are doing and how to ensure money is paid. The vast majority of kidnappings end with the victim being safely released when some form of ransom changes hands.

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