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Giving Frequently – our donation to Canadian Blood Services

Giving. Donating. Sharing. Caring. There are as many ways to describe the impetus to give as there are ways to give. Since day one, giving has been one of the 18 ways in which we are, quite simply, different. This is because helping people will always be at the heart of what we do. And it’s the reason why giving generously, frequently and consistently is an essential part of the ALIGNED employee experience.

As a result, our social responsibility program was created at the same time ALIGNED Insurance was founded. It is, quite literally, a foundational part of our organization and a way in which we work hard to lead by example. In our communities, in our industry as well as across Canada.

Our people helping Canadian charities

We know that improving lives and advancing causes is what drives Canadian charities and non-profits. Connecting people to community, educational, environmental, food, healthcare and social programs is at the heart of what the not-for-profit sector does.

We also understand how deeply charities and non-profits resonate with people. In addition, we understand how important financial gifts are to helping a charity or non-profit keep delivering on their mission. This is why, each month, one of us selects a charity or non-profit organization that we are passionate about. And then we, as an organization, donate to that organization.

This month, SVP, Team Leader & Owner Darcy Franko-Felice selected Canadian Blood Services for an ALIGNED Insurance Give Frequently donation.

Darcy shares, “This is the second time I’ve selected Canadian Blood Services to receive an ALIGNED donation. For years, I have deeply respected as well as personally valued the incredible contributions that Canadian Blood Services makes to our country. The work they do to engage people and provide lifesaving products and support to Canadians is nothing short of remarkable. For these reasons and many more, I am proud to know that a donation is being made to Canadian Blood Services by ALIGNED Insurance.”

Senior Vice President, Team Leader & Owner, Darcy Franko-Felice

In their own words: How Canadian Blood Services helps people

As a result of our commitment to Giving Frequently, a donation is being made to Canadian Blood Services.

In short, here is what this organization does to help people across Canada: “Together, with donors, recipients, employees, partners and volunteers, we are Canada’s lifeline. Our role is to provide lifesaving products and services in transfusion and transplantation for Canadian patients, and to safeguard Canada’s systems of life essentials in blood, plasma, stem cells, and organs and tissues.”1

In addition, Canadian Blood Services shares their story: “Born from crisis, our early years were about establishing trust in Canada’s blood system, and earning the privilege of being a lifeline for patients. Today, Canadians expect more. To remain relevant, we must adapt, evolve, improve and apply even greater focus to patient needs. We must increase participation in our systems and expand awareness of our work in blood, plasma, stem cells, and organs and tissues. We must demonstrate to all Canadians that we are keeping pace with these changing times.”2

Furthermore, Canadian Blood Services notes: “Our story began 20 years ago. The next chapter is now underway. It’s a story about the power of connections: from blood and plasma, to stem cells, and organs and tissues. It’s a story between donors, recipients and all the people that bring them together. It’s about the power of connections to keep Canadians living. It’s about the something we can do today, knowing that because of us, someone else is waking up healthy tomorrow. Trusting that we can all be part of the connection that keeps the story going: together, we are Canada’s Lifeline.”3 To learn more about Canadian Blood Services and the work they do to connect people with lifesaving products and deliver on their mission, visit

In conclusion – our commitment to giving

Social responsibility. It’s about more than just giving, it’s about people. We know it is our privilege to connect our clients with better business insurance. And we know that it is our social responsibility to help others in a number of ways.

Giving Frequently is one of those ways. We invite you to learn more about the organizations that ALIGNED team members have selected and we have supported over the years here.

How we are also Giving Generously…

In addition to Giving Frequently, each year, a portion of ALIGNED’s profits are donated to a registered Canadian charity. It is important to us that our clients are part of our social responsibility program. That’s why once each year, we invite each of our clients to propose a charity that is meaningful to them. And it’s why we also engage our clients in selecting the charity that receives our Giving Generously donation.

Learn more about our annual Giving Generously campaign as well as how you can become involved.

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