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Class Action Update – Ontario court gives another overtime class action the green light

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A recent article, by Hannah Roskey of Fasken Martineau LLP points out that another overtime class action against another Canadian employer has been certified.

What is a Class Action?

“A class actionclass suit, or representative action is a lawsuit where a group of people in similar circumstances (a class) sues another party, usually consumers suing a large business. It is pleonastic to refer to a class action as a “class action suit”. Collective lawsuits originated in the United States and are still predominantly a U.S. phenomenon, but there are a few known cases including the one referenced above in Canada. In addition, in several European countries with civil law, contrary to Anglo-American common law, changes have been made in recent years to allow consumer organizations to bring claims on behalf of consumers.” See source

Employment Law Class Action Protection

Having the appropriate Human Resource practices, procedures and record keeping are important ways to manage the risk associated with potential litigation from current and/or former employees.  In addition, having a well structure insurance program to pay for the legal defense and potential judgements or settlements against your organization is an excellent way to protect your balance sheet and overall profitability.

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