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Searching for the best insurance brokers in Cambridge ON?

Google results matter. “Best commercial insurance broker Cambridge” is likely not something you Google every day.  But, when you or if you do…how do you filter through the noise and ads that come along with your search results?

Well, if you just Googled and landed on this page you came to the right place as we created this post for this result. This is why we wrote this post. To give you some tools and insights when you’re evaluating organizations you see in the typical search results for business insurance brokers in Cambridge, Ontario.

Commercial Insurance Broker Cambridge
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What is a Commercial Insurance Broker? 

A commercial insurance broker is a specialist in delivering business insurance solutions to small business owners. Your commercial broker will have a detailed understanding of the foundational insurance coverages that are commonly needed by small businesses, including Commercial General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Cyber Liability and Privacy Insurance, Errors and Omissions Insurance, and Umbrella Insurance. A good commercial insurance broker will also be familiar with the risks associated with various industries, some of which are quite specialized. As a small business owner, you have a thousand concerns to deal with on a daily basis and with the right commercial broker, you can take insurance off your list. 

Why do I need a Commercial Insurance Broker? 

In Cambridge, like in other Canadian locations, owning a competitive business means that you have to be covered for the wide variety of possible risks your business could face. A Commercial Insurance Broker will help assess your sector and determine how your business needs to be protected by the right insurance coverage. This includes potential risks you don’t even know exist. A good Commercial Insurance Broker works with a number of different companies to find the best quote for your business and will be focused on the provision of commercial insurance exclusively. This means you will get the best possible insurance products for your small business. 

Here’s how online search results stack up

The first thing you’ll notice when searching “best commercial insurance broker Cambridge” or similar terms are ads that aren’t even for insurance brokers. Rather, these ads are actually for insurance companies. These insurance companies have deep pockets and pretty much bid on every search term that includes “insurance”.

After the ads that pop up, you’ll find a map with a few ads for insurance brokers. These brokers have a few good Google reviews and a number of other organic results.

Questions to consider when selecting your commercial insurance broker…

There are many ways you can evaluate the best commercial insurance broker for your organization. Here are a few that we encourage you to consider as well as some questions to ask:

  • How many insurance companies does your brokerage work with?
  • What percent of coverage in your insurance brokerage (or book of business) is personal insurance products versus commercial insurance products?
  • Are you owned in whole or in part by any insurance company?
  • What insurance industry professional designations and formal education do the insurance brokers on your commercial insurance broker team have?
  • How many commercial insurance clients do you have, what is their average size & what industries are they in?
  • What awards &/or industry recognition have the brokers at your insurance brokerage been nominated for or won?

Want the Best Business and Commercial Insurance Quote? 

Firstly, dealing with an insurance broker who deals only in business and commercial insurance is key. Secondly, your broker should work with Canada’s more trusted insurance companies to find you the best quote. It also helps if your broker is independent and not beholden to any particular company. That way they can search and find the best possible commercial coverage for your small business. To get the best quote, your broker should also be qualified in the appropriate Canadian insurance accreditations and certifications and represent a wide variety of commercial business clients. Getting the best business and commercial insurance quote for your small business means finding the best insurance agents to do the work for you. Speak to an ALIGNED agent today to discuss the best commercial insurance solutions for your small business. 

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