Adult Day Care Centre Insurance

As an Adult Day Care provider, you are giving Canadian families a much-needed respite from caregiving while offering a safe, supportive and stimulating environment for adults who need extra care. Socializing with other adults and providing activities allows your clients to improve their quality of life while giving their families the peace of mind they are being well cared for and engaged during hours they can’t be there. 

While you offer activities like arts and crafts, appropriate exercise activities, outings, musical entertainment, games and many more, you are also exposing yourself to risk factors. If mistakes do happen, it can create an undue financial burden on your business if you do not have the proper insurance coverage. 

ALIGNED’s customized Adult Day Care Centre Insurance Coverage is tailored to the particular nature of your business and can provide coverage for many of the risk scenarios you face.

What does Adult Day Care Centre Insurance include?

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance – this coverage could protect your business in the event someone is injured or property is damaged in the course of operating your business. In addition, sadly abuse coverage also needs to be considered for adult day cares to ensure fulsome protection is provided if allegations arise.
  • Commercial Property Insurance – this coverage could protect your premises from covered perils like fire, floods and other sources of damage, such things as vandalism and mischief. 
  • Small Business Auto Insurance – this is important coverage to consider, especially if you are transporting clients on outings or otherwise getting them from place to place. You should carefully consider the appropriate amounts of third party liability, accident benefits and physical damage coverage. 
  • Cyber Liability – this type of coverage can protect you in the event your confidential client files are lost or stolen due to a hack or other data breach. 

Considering all of these types of coverage offered by ALIGNED will give you the assurance you need to know your business will be protected in the event of an unexpected occurrence. ALIGNED works with Canada’s top insurance companies to design custom Adult Day Care Centre coverage. 

What are the possible situations when your insurance coverage might be needed? 

  • You are transporting a group of adults from your daycare centre to a musical performance at a nearby theatre. On the way to one of the buses, one of your clients falls off the curb and injures herself. 
  • You arrive to open up your centre one morning only to discover that someone has spray painted across the outside wall.  

Having a wide variety of insurance coverages that are tailored to your business is the best way to ensure you are prepared for any unexpected event in your Adult Day Care Centre business. You provide an important service to your community and exposing yourself to unnecessary liability could drastically affect your business. 

Find the Right Adult Day Care Centre Insurance Insurance from ALIGNED 

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