Business Income Insurance

business income insurance

Business Income Insurance – An Introduction Business Income Insurance. What is it and what is it for? Basically, it’s insurance that covers the income you lose if your operations are slowed or stopped due to physical damage to your place of business. But what specifically does it cover? How is the income amount calculated? How […]

Business Owners Policy

business owners policy

Let’s take a look at some of the basic coverages you need as part of a business owners policy. Business owners never stop moving. From before business hours to well after you’ve closed your doors for the day, as a business owner you are always on the go. Dealing with the everyday tasks of running […]

Technology Insurance Overview

Technology Insurance

Technology Insurance 101 Technology Insurance is crucial for technology, information and knowledge based companies that own rights to valuable intangible assets, such as sensitive data, software and intellectual property, which a general liability policy doesn’t account for. General liability provides protection in the event of bodily injury or property damage. Technology insurance coverage is designed […]

Life Agents Errors and Omissions Insurance Canada

Life Agents Errors And Omissions Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Get Life Agents E&O insurance Canada fully online with us! Trust. It’s at the heart of what you deliver as a life insurance agent in Canada. Above all, it’s why Canadians need your expertise as a life agent when it comes to purchasing life and health insurance products. When you work as a life agent […]

Types Of Commercial Surety Bonds In Canada

Types Of Commercial Surety Bonds In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Commercial Surety Bonds If you’re an importer/exporter, manufacturer, provide financial or legal services or in any number of commercial industries, managing your risks is part of doing business. Commercial surety bonds provide assurances that tasks get done properly and alleviate you of having to worry about them. They are also required in many cases in […]

Technology Insurance For Canadian Technology Companies Explained

Business Insurance For Canadian Technology Companies Explained

Technology Insurance Technology companies improve the way we work and the way we live, creating a high demand for their innovative products and services. This demand pushes daily advances in the technology itself and the service solutions for companies that rely on it. As a result, technology companies face an extra dimension of risk that […]

Cottage Rent Insurance Plans & Info | ALIGNED Insurance

Insuring a Rental Cottage

Renting out a cottage to others? Here’s how much it may cost to insure it Cottage season. Whether your property is in Muskoka, the Laurentians, the Sunshine Coast in BC or Bras D’or Lake in beautiful Nova Scotia, summer means it’s prime cottage time. If you are like many cottagers today, you may want to […]

Kitchener Extra Expense Insurance

Kitchener extra expense insurance

An Introduction to Extra Expense Insurance in Kitchener Consulting firms in Eastwood, tradespeople in Southdale, and tech start-ups inside the Tannery have a lot more in common than the fact that they operate in Kitchener. While they all reap the benefits of running a business in a city experiencing an apparently unending boom, they also […]

Ontario Extra Expense Insurance

Ontario extra expense insurance

An Introduction to Extra Expense Insurance in Ontario Operating a business in Ontario is lucrative, fun, challenging, exciting – all at the same time. Regardless of whether you run a car dealership in Windsor, a vacation rental in Barrie or a cheque cashing service in Kingston, there are similarities in the amount of work you […]

Kitchener Vacant Property Insurance

Vacant property insurance in Kitchener

An Introduction to Vacant Property Insurance in Kitchener Between the industrial buildings just off of Homer Watson Blvd and the businesses operating in the heart of downtown, there are hundreds of commercial properties in Kitchener. And although it’s far more than a college town, Kitchener’s housing market, especially its rental housing market, still enjoys a […]

Ontario Directors and Officers Insurance

d&o insurance

Directors  and Officers Insurance in Ontario – An Introduction As Canada’s most populated province, Ontario is home to some of the world’s foremost leaders in manufacturing, financial services, technology and energy production working alongside thousands of small- and medium-sized businesses. With Ontario’s wealth of natural resources and its sizable market and talent pool, it’s no […]

Toronto Directors and Officers Insurance

Toronto directors and officers insurance

An Introduction to D&O Insurance in Toronto As the heart of Canada’s financial sector beats mainly in its largest city, Toronto also produces innovators across all sectors of industry. With a vast and expanding economy and one of North America’s largest markets, most of the world’s leading companies maintain a presence somewhere in the Greater […]

Kitchener Accounts Receivable Insurance

Kitchener accounts receivable (AR) insurance

An Introduction to Accounts Receivable (AR) Insurance in Kitchener As a supplier in Kitchener, you understand that your clients need to purchase and sell vast amounts of goods per order, sometimes over multiple orders, before they can turn those purchases into profits. If you’re a service provider, often your services are ongoing and are billed […]

Ontario Payroll Insurance

Payroll insurance in Ontario

An Introduction to Payroll Insurance in Ontario Ontario is a vast and beautiful province that is a study in diversity. From our people to our landscapes, every part of the world seems to be represented here – even deserts and palm trees can be found in Ontario. Of course part of the experience of having […]

Toronto Extra Expense Insurance

Toronto extra expense insurance

An Introduction to Extra Expense Insurance in Toronto There are plenty of ways for enterprising individuals to make a living in Toronto. Increasingly, starting your own company has become more common than getting hired at an existing company, especially in a city the size of Toronto. There are opportunities to sell any product or service […]