Passenger Ship Marine Insurance

Passenger Ship

As A Ship Operator Who: Is engaged in the carriage of passengers from one place in Canada to the same or another place in Canada, either directly or by way of a place outside Canada Operates a commercial or public purpose ships (where no fare is charged) You are obviously aware of the mandatory insurance […]

Yoga Teacher Insurance: In-Person Instructor and Online Teaching Coverage

Yoga Insurance

There is no going back to the way things were. At least not for the foreseeable future. Chances are that services across all industries have changed permanently. Even if things were to eventually return to what we were accustomed to as ‘normal business operations, businesses that don’t adapt to the new reality might not make […]

Best Personal Training and Trainer Business Insurance Online In Canada

Personal Trainer Insurance

What is the Best Business Insurance for In-Person Instructor and Online Personal Trainer In Canada? Working as a personal fitness, yoga practitioner, kickboxing coach or physical trainer can be very rewarding – and if you are planning out your goals and business objectives for the next 12 months you may be googling “Best personal training business […]

Amazon Retailer Liability Insurance

How to get your mandatory Amazon retailer liability coverage Online sales are driving the economy. That’s why becoming an Amazon retailer is an exciting opportunity. The following stats clearly demo Amazon’s incredible online presence and retailing success: Climbing beyond $136 billion USD in net sales Amazon is the leading e-retailer in the United States Amazon’s net […]

Best Insurance For A Vacant Property In Canada

Best Insurance For A Vacant Property In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

How To Insights | Secure vacant property insurance ALIGNED Explainer | Renting out a condo using Airbnb? Interviewing potential lessees for your strip mall, office building or warehouse? You may be planning to relocate into your rental property, doing renovations or simply waiting for the perfect long-term tenant to sign a multi-year lease. If you […]

E-news | Reopening, Changing direction? Shifting online?

Changing risks during COVID-19 - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

ALIGNMENT Matters | Insurance Insights & News | Reopening? Changing direction? Shifting online? COVID-19 has changed everything including how all businesses (including our own) operate, think about and/or manage risk. However, what will never change is our willingness to fight on our clients’ behalf and our passion for helping others!  Like you, we’ve been battling through these challenging times. As a 100% Canadian, employee owned […]

Best Commercial Insurance Broker in Toronto

Looking for the best commercial business insurance broker in Toronto? You’ve landed on the right page! It’s likely that “best commercial insurance broker Toronto” isn’t something you type into Google every day, but when you or if you do… How do you filter through the noise and ads that come along with a search result […]

Protect Your Business: Cyber Liability Insurance what to know

Protecting Your Business From Cyber-Attack

From phishing to ransomware to viruses, virtual threats are everywhere. Whether it’s our personal computers, our phones or our business’s computer networks, all of our devices are under daily attack. This is especially true for businesses. Last year ransomware alone cost Canadian businesses over $2 billion in losses.1 The need for businesses of all sizes […]

Vacant Home Insurace Plans & Info | ALIGNED Insurance

Vacant House Insurance

The lights are on but nobody’s home. Literally. If you have a vacant home in Canada, keeping it safe and secure while it is unoccupied is extremely important. There are many reasons why you may find yourself responsible for managing a vacant property. Perhaps your parents are downsizing and preparing to move into a retirement […]

Employer Liability Insurance

employer liability insurance

Employer Liability Insurance Are you an employer who pays into a provincial workers’ compensation fund? You’re still not completely protected from liability. And if you’re not participating in your province’s workers’ compensation fund, you don’t have any protection. Employer Liability Insurance is coverage that protects employers in Canada from the potentially devastating costs of work-related […]

E-news | Cyber risks and COVID-19

E-news | Cyber Risks during COVID-19

What you need to know about the risky new workplace… Are you reading this in your new home office? It’s only taken about three months for COVID-19 to fundamentally transform how Canadians work and live. People have pivoted from daily routines of commuting miles to mere steps. Team members who used computer systems controlled and provided by their […]

Why Use An Insurance Broker Canada?

Insurance Broker Canada

Why using an insurance broker is the best way to buy insurance? Advocacy. No matter how well you plan and prepare when things go wrong for your business, you need to know there’s an advocate on your side. It’s the number one reason why a Canadian insurance broker is your best choice. Unlike an insurance agent […]

Ontario Business Owners Policy

ontario business owners policy

Inside the Numbers: Business Risks in Ontario Protecting your business. For Ontario business owners, it’s the name of the game. Thinking about getting a Business Owners Policy in Ontario? Read on. According to the latest Stats Canada numbers for the last recorded year, there were over 12,000 lawsuits filed in Ontario alone claiming malpractice, defamation, […]

Ontario Employer Liability Insurance

ontario employer liability insurance

In short, Ontario Employer Liability Insurance protects employers, whether they have WSIB coverage or not, from lawsuits stemming from workplace-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths. Even if you’re mandated to have workers’ compensation coverage through the Workplace Safety Insurance Board, you’re not immune from personal injury litigation. Are you an employer in Ontario? Read on. Employers […]

Waterloo Business Owners Policy

waterloo business owners policy

Looking for Business Owners Policy in Waterloo? If you own a business in Waterloo, you’re already ahead of the curve. Waterloo and the Tri-Cities is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in all of Canada. With an accelerating tech sector, one of the lowest unemployment rates in Ontario and an above-average household median income, Waterloo business […]