Insurance People Features AVP Laura Van Vliet

Insurance People Features AVP Laura Van Vliet

ALIGNED AVP Laura Van Vliet Is Profiled By Insurance People Since 1996, Insurance People has made a mark as “an independent, award-winning bi-monthly magazine that has grown from its western base to become a coast-to-coast national magazine, offering personality and corporate profiles, select insurance-related articles and “StreetTalk” for insurers, brokers, adjusters and the many trades […]

Social Engineering Fraud Insurance

social engineering fraud

Social Engineering Fraud Insurance – What To Look For Click here for an insurance quote OR call us toll free at 1-866-287-0448  Social engineering fraud is becoming increasingly common in recent years. And while many instances of this type of fraud transpire over email communications, it’s a company’s crime policy—not a cyber policy—that would often provide coverage in […]

M&A Insurance Considerations

M&A Insurance

M&A Insurance – How To Prepare For A Merger Or Acquisition 7 Elements Of A M&A Insurance ReviewWhen a company decides to merge or acquire another, careful due diligence is just one of multiple elements to consider. Both parties involved in a merger or acquisition should also review and update their insurance coverages to ensure all […]

Directors Insurance For TSX Listed Companies

Real Estate Insurance Quote - Get ALIGNED With More Options

Directors Insurance For TSX Listed Companies – Options For TSX Listed Companies In today’s business climate of corporate transparency and accountability, directors and officers face a myriad of employment-related exposures. In the past few years, we’ve experienced an unprecedented number of corporate scandals and have seen directors and officers increasingly held accountable for their actions. […]

Business Continuity For Small Businesses

Business Continuity For Small Businesses

Business Continuity Plan For Small Businesses Click Here For An Insurance Quote OR Call Us Toll Free At 1-866-287-0448  When a disaster strikes, many small businesses are not prepared to survive the business interruption afterward. Loss of income, replacement/rebuilding costs and reputation are just some of the things small businesses need to be aware of in case of […]

Distillery Risk – How To Avoid Common Hazards

Distillery Risk - How to Avoid Common Hazards

Distillery Risk – Avoiding Common Hazards Across Ontario, many new craft breweries, wineries and spirit distilleries have taken root in recent years. The process of distilling hard alcohol such as whisky, gin and rum commonly involves large equipment, toxic fumes and other potentially harmful elements. In addition to securing comprehensive distillery insurance, some of the most […]