Bikini Deductible Explained

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Bikini Deductible Explained A “bikini deductible,” is a self-insured layer, separating the primary layer of risk—whether insured, self-insured, or funded in a captive—from the layer immediately excess of the primary. A bikini deductible was first used in health insurance, inserting a deductible (a real deductible, not a self-insured retention (SIR)) between a first dollar insured health […]

Absolute Exclusion Is The ALIGNED Insurance Term Of The Day

absolute exclusion

Absolute Exclusion – What It Means Absolute exclusions are found within certain insurance policy forms, precluding coverage for claims that are remote—but not directly—related to the actual nature of the exclusion. The effect of such language is to defeat coverage in situations where it could be reasonably expected that coverage would apply. For example, an absolute […]

Dr. Mary Kelly Seeking Talent In Insurance Industry

Mary Kelly

Dr. Mary Kelly: A Look at Recruitment Within the Insurance Industry Click Here For An Insurance Quote Today! OR Call us toll free at 1-866-287-0448  Dr. Mary Kelly of Wilfrid Laurier University states that “It’s not news that the insurance industry is facing a talent crisis, or even a ‘talent cliff, as a speaker at a […]

Bylaw Insurance Coverage Explained

bylaw insurance

Bylaw Insurance Coverage Explained Bylaw Insurance Coverage; Do you own an older building, or is your building subject to significant building code changes if it needed to be rebuilt? If so, then you may need Bylaw Insurance coverage. Bylaw Insurance Coverage protects an owner against losses resulting from the enforcement of new Bylaws, or changes […]