What Is A Self Insured Retention?

What Is A Self Insured Retention?

What Is A Self Insured Retention? A self-insured retention is a dollar amount specified in a liability insurance policy that must be paid by the insured before the insurance policy will respond to a loss. Thus, under a policy written with a self insured retention provision, the insured (rather than the insurer) would pay defense […]

ART – Alternative Risk Transfer Simplified


ART or Alternative Risk Transfer  Alternative Risk Transfer, often referred to as ART, means using techniques other than traditional insurance to provide your business with coverage. Alternative Risk Transfer is typically available to companies with low risk profiles and a dedication to maintaining safe operations, as the insured party assumes a portion of its own […]

E&O Insurance Coverage Explained

E&O Insurance Coverage Explained

E&O Insurance Coverage Explained E&O insurance coverage is a liability insurance product that helps protect businesses by safeguarding against losses in the event of a lawsuit due to a negligent act, error or omission as a result of a service provided to a customer for a fee. Organizations can protect their business assets and reputation, by investing in […]

Inland Marine Insurance Coverage: An Introduction

Inland Marine Insurance Coverage

Inland Marine Insurance Coverage: An Introduction Inland marine insurance coverage was primarily created for the shipping industry to protect against property losses before, during and after water transfers. Throughout time, the non-ocean part of the cargo journey developed, cargoes were transferred to barge, and thus, the term “inland marine” was coined. These policies became known as […]

Bill 15: Does It Mean Cheaper Ontario Car Insurance?

Bill 15

Bill 15 Explained Bill 15 was officially passed by the Ontario Legislature on Nov 20, 2014. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) and the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) believe that Bill 15 is a good step towards achieving a responsible reduction to car insurance costs in Ontario by fighting fraud. Included in Bill 15 are provisions to: […]

Rental Car Risk Management

Rental Car Risk Management

Rental Car Risk Management 101 When it comes to renting cars for business use, it’s important to understand rental car risk management as well as your coverage options to smooth out any surprise bumps in the road. Since coverage varies from one rental car agency to the next and because rental agreements have evolved in recent years […]

Cyber Attack: The New Business Interruption Claim?

Where Can I Get Data Breach Insurance In Canada?

Can a Cyber Attack Cause A Business Interruption Loss? When you think about what usually causes a business interruption, natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes and floods probably come to mind first. These events can physically damage your property and equipment, making your work-space unusable for a time. The damages from the Toronto and Calgary […]

All Risks Insurance Coverage Explained

All Risks Insurance Coverage Explained

All Risks Insurance Coverage Explained? All risks insurance coverage is defined as: property insurance covering loss arising from any fortuitous cause except those that are specifically excluded. This is in contrast to named perils coverage, which applies only to loss arising out of causes that are listed as covered. Although many industry practitioners continue to use […]

Property Insurance Coverage Debunked

Property Insurance Coverage

Property Insurance Coverage Debunked For many business owners their livelihood is dependent on the survival of their property, so it is imperative that they protect it against any potential threat – big or small. A fire could destroy your business’s warehouse and the contents inside, or a burst frozen pipe could damage important documents and valuable […]